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A wireless video monitor for iPhone

How To...

Check exposure: use the Y WFM to see where your levels are. You can use FieldMonitor to watch exposure as your camera moves through a scene, checking for overexposed details.

If your iDevice supports false color, set the false color levels to show you over- and underexposure warnings, and/or use the green level as your target exposure value.

’Scopes and false-color for Panasonic sources may not be accurate unless FieldMonitor’s levels settings match the camera’s.

Check color: Use the RGB WFMs or the vectorscope to look at color.
When the camera is aimed at a white card or grayscale and is properly white-balanced, overlaid red, green, and blue waveforms will superimpose and turn white; on the vectorscope the center dot will be properly centered in the crosshairs.

When the camera is aimed at a bluescreen or greenscreen, you can adjust exposure while looking at RGB WFMs or color histograms, checking for the best separation between your key color and the subject’s colors.

Electronically-generated colorbar vectors should fall in the vectorscope target boxes at either the 100% setting (typically EBU full-frame bars, or the fully saturated red/blue/cyan/yellow patches on ARIB bars) or at 75% (SMPTE & ARIB bars). When shooting a DSC Labs chart with a “V/S Gain x 2” marking, or a Gamma & Density Log chart or Gamma-709 chart, use the 2x setting.

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