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An iPhone / iPad / iPod touch waveform monitor for Teradek™ H.264 transmitters

First Things First:

Starting with version 3, Wi-Fi WFM changed into FieldMonitor. If you update your copy of Wi-Fi WFM, its name and icon will change, but no functionality is lost: FieldMonitor does everything Wi-Fi WFM did, and more.

Is Wi-Fi WFM not installing / not starting / crashing on your iDevice? Try a reset: hold down the power and home buttons until the screen goes dark, and keep holding them down until the Apple logo appears (about 10 seconds overall). After your iDevice comes back up, try Wi-Fi WFM again.

Important info:

You need a Teradek H.264 transmitter (Cube 100, 200, 500, or 600 series, Clip, or VidiU) to use this app. Without a Teradek H.264 transmitter, this app doesn't do anything useful!

Wi-Fi WFM only displays the compressed H.264 feed from a Teradek Cube, Clip, or VidiU.
Uncompressed video from a Bolt is not supported.

H.265 / HEVC compression (Cube 700 and 800 series) is not supported.


My Teradek doesn't appear in the Source list:
I can't connect / no picture ever appears! You may see a black screen, or the blue “Buffering” screen never changes:
Picture appears, but 'scopes are blank (picture may refresh intermittently and/or change size or aspect ratio): This can occur with TDS streams in version 1.0 of the app. Please update to the latest version, which should solve the problem—if it doesn’t, please contact me.

Picture is frozen (and may say “Paused” or “Reconnect to source”): This happens if you slide Control Center or Notification Center over the app, or use Slide Over or Split Screen on iPad. It can also happen if the connection to the Teradek is lost or weak. Go back to the Source screen and re-select your source to restart the video.

Picture updates slowly: Try selecting a lower Refresh Rate, to free up more time for image decoding and display. If that doesn’t work, try reconnecting to the source; closing and re-opening the app (when you close it, it quits, so you don’t need to force-quit it); restarting your Teradek; reconfiguring the Wi-Fi network to minimize congestion (try switching between the 2.4 and 5 GHz channels) or increase range (usually better with 2.4 GHz channels). If you’re using a Cube, try using Quickview instead of TDS or RTSP streams, or reduce the resolution of the main stream from 1080 lines to 720 or 480 lines.

’Scopes update slowly: Try selecting a higher Refresh Rate (but note that faster ’scope refreshing uses more power and may cause picture decoding errors, especially on older, slower iDevices).

Picture quality is poor (pixellated, torn, blocky, intermittent freezes, etc.): Poor signal quality, overloaded Wi-Fi network, and/or overworked iDevice. There's no false-color settings button: You need an iDevice with an A7 or later processor to show false color: iPhone 5S or later, iPod touch 6G or later, iPad Air or later, iPad mini 2 or later, or iPad Pro. Also, versions before 2.0 don’t offer false color.

Something else is wrong / broken / puzzling! Contact me so I can fix the problem and/or answer your questions! (If your email isn’t answered within a day or two, it may have fallen into a spam-trap; try contacting @adamwilt on Twitter instead.)

Need more help?

If none of these solve your problem, please contact me!

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