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An iPhone / iPad / iPod touch waveform monitor for Teradek™ H.264 transmitters

I can’t find Wi-Fi WFM on the App Store! FieldMonitor appears in its place!

Starting with version 3, Wi-Fi WFM was renamed as FieldMonitor. It's the same app, it just does a lot more. If you update Wi-Fi WFM, it becomes FieldMonitor.

Will you support Wi-Fi-enabled cameras?

The current version of Wi-Fi WFM, FieldMonitor, supports the Panasonic GH4, GH5, and LX100. More cameras may be supported in the future.

Teradek supplies an iOS SDK (software development kit) with code to discover and connect to Teradek transmitters and decode their streams. I need something similar from Sony or Panasonic before I can support their cameras.

Japanese camera companies are very conservative and don’t like to expose their communications interfaces to third parties, so while I might have had talks with some of them (not saying I have, not saying I haven't...) I certainly can’t promise anything or suggest a timeframe when — if ever — such a thing might occur.

What about a version for Bolt or Paralinx transmitters?

Bolt and Paralinx send low-latency uncompressed video over the 5GHz frequency band, but they don’t use Wi-Fi signaling and, so their signals can’t be received by iDevices. And even if they could, the data rates would be scandalous!

Some crews simply connect a Cube to the output of a Bolt or Paralinx receiver, and rebroadcast the video for iPhones ‘n’ iPads.

My copy doesn’t work the way this site describes it. There are no “settings buttons”, or there’s only one!

• You have a version before 2.0. Please update!
• You have version 2 or later on an older iDevice that doesn't support false color. False color requires iPhone 5S or later, iPod touch 6G or later, iPad Air or later, iPad mini 2 or later, or iPad Pro.

Where is the Android version?

I don't have one, sorry. I’m busy with iOS work, and besides, there is no Teradek SDK for Android.

I'm a student: can I get a discount?

Wi-Fi WFM is available through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for education. Your school can buy 20 or more at half price, and give you a code to install it on your iDevice.

Sadly there’s no good online description of the Volume Purchase Program at present, though it’s briefly mentioned here, under “Apps at a volume discount”, and there's some deployment info here. For more details, contact the Apple technology manager or IT folks at your school.

Who needs to see YCbCr WFMs?

I've never needed it myself, but Alex Lindsay said it was essential. So there it is. Who am I to argue with Alex Lindsay?  :-)

Why isn’t my question answered here?

Because I haven’t heard it yet, that's why. Ask me and I’ll see if I can answer it.

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