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[Last updated 7 November 1999]

The following information was compiled by Vynny Ward, ZKad Productions, over the course of a considerable period of time. Vynny has moved on from the DPS Spark (which was the original reason this information was posted) and wanted to free up space on his server, so I have reproduced it here with his kind permission.

Windows NT HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) may not recognize the correct amount of L2 cache (Secondary RAM Cache) that is installed. 
To force Windows NT to recognize the proper amount of L2 cache, edit the following Registry entry by running REGEDIT (From the desktop select File then Run and type REGEDIT.exe)

Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

Change the value SecondLevelDataCache which is a type REG_DWORD. A data value of 0 is the default which sets the L2 cache to 256K. If a different amount of L2 cache is installed, set the proper value in decimal.

Example: If 512K of cache is installed, set the entry to 512 in decimal (Hexadecimal 200). Don't double the figure if the motherboard has dual processors.

ZKad Productions is in no way affiliated with Digital Processing Systems (DPS) or Adaptec. We accept no responsibility for any errors in this text or from problems that may arise from executing any or all of the processes listed above. It's recommended that common sense is exercised, and pending projects should be completed and the system should be fully backed up before making any changes. This is not a simple operation and problems may occur that prevent the system from working or booting up. ZKad's Legal Notice page.
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Last updated 7 November 1999.