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This article was originally posted 20 February 1998 on the DV-L mailing list and is republished here by permission. The following content is copyright (c) 1998 by Jan Crittenden and Tony Sangiovanni, Panasonic Broadcast & Digital Systems.

Note: D-7 is the SMPTE's designation of the DVCPRO format.

There has been discussion about DV, DVCAM, and DVCPRO recording, playback, track pitch, track width, etc. And many theories have been proposed about how all of this is possible on a DVCPRO machine.  Some have speculated that the DVCAM is only a 10 micron track yet has a guardband to increase the track pitch to 15 microns. Well I know there is no guardband in any of the DV formats but was uncertain about how this works. So I went to engineering. One of our guys, Tony Sangiovanni (if you know him, tell I gave him credit) has written for us an elegant explanation of how all this is accomplished. If you know Tony, you will hear him talking, he has this wonderful New Yawk accent with a little slang thrown in. You gotta love the guy, he is great. So here is the explanation:

I debated with myself about leaving in this last line, but then my decision was to use it as an educational opportunity.  When you do a lot of DV in your machines, try to stay within one tape manufacturer, as the lubrication is different between manufacturers.  This can cause problems like head clogs and tape to head contact problems.  If you have no choice, because you are taking in tapes from all sources, clean your machines when you change tape brands, so that the lubrication from one never sees the others residue.  If you don't know how to do this, check in with your dealer's service staff and have them show you how.

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