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2022.04.11: How Panasonics are handled

TL;DR version: Panasonics now stay connected when you return to the Source screen, so you can change settings or monitor other cameras (when connected via network) without the camera timing out, displaying “not connected to the app”, and blanking its HDMI output for five seconds.

Details: Ten seconds after disconnection from a Wi-Fi controller, many Panasonics display “not connected to the app” on their screens, and their HDMI outputs go black for five seconds. If a GH6 is connected via network (using a separate access point) and then disconnected for ten seconds, not only will it say “not connected” and blank its HDMI, it will hang up and stop any recording in progress when reconnected.

Prior to FieldMonitor Version 10, a Panasonic was connected when you tapped its name in the Source screen and opened its Monitor screen. When you closed the Monitor and returned to the Source screen, the connection was closed. 

This meant that you couldn’t close the Monitor screen to change settings or switch to a different camera (when connected via network) without risking the “not connected” message and blacked HDMI signal — and a possible hung-up GH6. On the flip side, you could stop monitoring a camera from one iDevice and, after a short delay, start monitoring from a different one (again, assuming connections via network).

With Version 10 or later, a Panasonic's connection is maintained when you return to the Source screen: FieldMonitor keeps talking to it in the background (it requests status updates once a second, but don’t worry: the background conversation takes up only 0.5% of the bandwidth of the normal connection and live-view stream).

This prevents the dreaded “not connected to the app” message and blacked-out HDMI signal. You can return to the Source screen to open Settings, or switch to a different camera when controlling multiple cameras via network, without interrupting the display and HDMI output on the original camera. If you're using a GH6, it won't hang up simply because you’ve switched away from it for a while.

However, you won't be able to stop using one iDevice to monitor a camera and switch to a different one without first stopping the connection on the first iDevice.

The connection will be shut down if you return to the Source screen and tap Refresh: that terminates all active connections. Connections also pause whenever you put your iDevice to sleep, close FieldMonitor, switch to a different app, or display the iDevice’s Control Center. If this interruption exceeds ten seconds, affected Panasonics will display “not connected” and blank their HDMI feeds, so keep FieldMonitor active and your iDevice awake whenever recording or HDMI monitoring is in progress.

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